GymnaUniphy, 'your physio company'. This slogan means that we would like to be more than just the supplier of the renowned ‘gymna’, ‘uniphy’ and 'fitvibe' brands. GymnaUniphy is a key supplier of innovative and high quality products for the medical and wellness market.

GymnaUniphy offers a complete range of medical equipment (physio therapy and rehabilitation market) and wellness devices (fitness, professional sports, beauty market).

The GymnaUniphy devices are known for their user comfort, functionality, durability and quality. The top brands 'gymna' and 'uniphy' have been enjoying an excellent reputation in the physio therapy market for more than 30 years and are distributed in more than 70 countries.

Our slogan also means that we strive for durable and fruitful relationships as well as added value for our customers when it comes down to distribution and after-sales service.

GymnaUniphy is a division of the dutch holding company IMS B.V. Holding (Innovative Medical Solutions).

Our mission statement is

GymnaUniphy wants to be an effective, leading, global partner of innovative, high quality products and services for the medical and the wellness market and contribute substantially to the success of our customers, employee-specialists and stakeholders.